Level 2 Technology courses.

Course to prepare learners for a career or further study in the fast changing world of cyber security and the defence of systems.

4 Units of study and an external exam

  1. Understanding of Cyber Security and Online Threats
  2. Analysing and Evaluating Cyber Threats
  3. Applying and Deploying Security Tools and Best Practice
  4. Securing and Defending Online Systems
Centres have total freedom to develop this course in the order that they wish and use any combination of optional units.  This section offers practical guidance gathered from centres about how certain combinations of units fit together well in a "themed approach".

This sections contains:

  • Revision materials
  • Practice tests
  • Retired exam materials
  • A practice mock exam

Note some of these materials have been developed by TLM centres and cannot be taken to reflect an actual examination paper.  TLM are however happy to include them here as "indicative content" from the published syllabus.

Individual Unit Guides for all our optional units.

For every unit you will find ( deadline for completion Easter 2017 )

  • A synopsis of what the unit is about
  • An outline Scheme of Learning for the 30 GLH using a Research - Plan - Execute - Evaluate approach
  • Questions to develop Unit 1 and Unit 4 Awareness - linking Productivity, Security and Efficiency to the unit
  • Software suggestions
  • Possible Scenarios to link units.

Learners following the TLM level 2 course have to have completed the coursework component before they can sit the exam.  

This does not mean that the course has to be all coursework followed by all theory!  In this section we resource drawing out elements of the exam and of unit 1 whilst delivering any of our optional coursework units.

Unit 1 is one of two mandatory units in the level 2 course - we are often asked "how should we teach this?"   Our answer is "All the time!!".

In this section we offer our reasons why and some practical help to enable teachers to this.

Security is an overarching theme in today's IT world, hence unit 4 being our second mandatory unit.  

This is an updated unit that reflects the statutory guidance in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 - It will resource on-line safety so that you can share these resources with your PSHE deliverers.

The TLM Level 2 course does not require centres to teach in any particular format.  We believe that the teacher is best placed to know the requirements of their different classes.

With over 200 centres now using our course we see a range of excellent techniques being deployed so this section aims to share these with everybody so that we can all "work smarter - not harder"

Level 2 Certificate in Open Systems IT Management (QCF) developed in partnership with the National Association for Advisers in Computer Education, the Open Source Consortium of Companies and the Linux Professional Institute. While providing a general qualification in its own right, referenced to the European Qualifications Framework through the UK QCF, it can also be used to prepare students for the Linux Professional Institute Exams.

The qualification consists of the following key areas.

  1. Understanding Global Software Communities and their Products
  2. Using an operating system efficiently
  3. Computer hardware systems and networks
  4. Carrying out an IT systems management project

Learners are also expected to carry out some practical work with local companies.

The course is a fully funded course.

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