Level 2 construction courses

This sections contains:

  • Revision materials
  • Practice tests
  • Retired exam materials
  • A practice mock exam

Note some of these materials have been developed by TLM centres and cannot be taken to reflect an actual examination paper.  TLM are however happy to include them here as "indicative content" from the published syllabus.

The purpose of the qualification is to teach about some of the up to date issues related to the built environment and provide an interesting context for strengthening numeracy, literacy, IT skills understanding and knowledge as well as applying scientific methods to real problems in civil engineering and building design. It looks at specific issues related to buildings so that the learner will better appreciate the human environment including the impact of people on their natural surroundings.

There are 4 compulsory units making up the qualification

  • Defining a Sustainable Construction Project
  • Developing a Sustainable Construction Project
  • Delivering a Sustainable Construction Project
  • Evaluating a Sustainable Building Project